Uible defeats primary challenger

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Clermont County Commissioner David Uible defeated his republican challenger David Painter in the May 6 primary election.

Uible defeated Painter 7,936 to 3,473 votes, or 69.56 to 30.44 percent.

Uible has been serving as commissioner since he was appointed by the Clermont County Republican Central Committee to replace former commissioner Archie Wilson in 2012. He was then elected during the November 2012 general election.

“I didn’t do it by myself,” Uible said about winning the primary. “I appreciate the support and endorsements I got. I was flattered and it helped make a difference.”

Uible thanked the voters for their support as well as the central committee, Governor John Kasich, Senator Rob Portman, and others for their endorsements.

He said he has enjoyed serving as commissioner and getting to know how the county works since he was appointed in 2012.

“It’s been a strange process in that I didn’t run for the office and was asked to put my name on the list and two days later I was appointed,” Uible said about becoming commissioner. “Now that I’m here and I’ve been the commissioner for a little over two years, I enjoy it. I have found that I can make a difference and it is quite satisfying.”

Uible said since he has been working as commissioner he has focused on several projects, including working to approve a balance budget, reorganizing the visitors bureau, creating a port authority to help bring businesses to the community, developing the Alternative Sentencing Center in the county as an alternative to jail, and other projects.

He said he would like to continue to work on projects to help make a difference in the county.

“On a small scale, I’d like to continue to work on a balanced budget and continue to work on economic development,” Uible said. “We can make it easier for companies to come here.”

Uible said on a larger scale, he would like to continue to follow some of the basic values of conservatism.

“We’ve had some great accomplishments in the past two years,” Uible said about being on the board with commissioners Ed Humphrey and Bob Proud. “It just feels right.”

Uible’s opponent, David Painter, said running for commissioner was a great experience and he was pleased to receive more than 3,000 votes in the primary.

“It was a great race,” Painter said. “We learned a lot about the process.”

Painter said he wants to thank his supporters for voting for him and for how nicely they treated him.

“We would like to thank the Republican Party supporters here in Clermont County,” Painter said. “We could not have been treated any better, or welcomed any more with open arms.”

Painter said he is interested in continuing with politics and is planning to run again for commissioner.

“We would like to congratulate Mr. Uible,” Painter said. “We thought it was great competition, and we look forward to trying again in two years.”

In the Democrat primary, a lone, write-in candidate was on the ballot.

That candidate, Richard James Perry, received 444 votes, and will face Uible in the November general election.

Results are unofficial until certified by the Clermont County Board of Elections. For more information or to view the election results, visit www.clermontelections.org.