Tyszkiewicz wins Democratic primary race for 2nd District

By Art Hunter

Marek Tyszkiewicz has won the Democrat primary for 2nd District US Representative.

Tyszkiewicz, an actuary and businessman from Anderson Township, emerged victorious from a field of four Democrat candidates.

The 4,781 votes Tyszkiewicz won gave him 29.78 percent of the vote across the 2nd District.

Ronny Richards came in second with 24.66 percent of the votes, William Smith came in third with 24.49 percent, and John Sheil won 21.08 percent of the vote.

The 2nd District encompasses Clermont, Brown, Adams, Highland, and Pike counties, and portions of Hamilton, Scioto, and Ross counties.

Tyszkiewicz won Clermont and Hamilton counties, which are the most populous counties in the district. Richards came out ahead in Adams, Brown, Ross, and Scioto counties. Smith came out on top in Highland and Pike counties.

Tyszkiewicz has said that he decided to run for office when it looked like the government was going to default on its debt.

“If you’re really concerned about jobs, why would you do that to our economy?” Tyszkiewicz said.

He said that nothing is going to get done to improve the economy or solve the nation’s problems until the country elects politicians who can work together, and that’s why he is running.