Grant celebration to be held on April 26

Although its not a national holiday, it’s time to celebrate the birth of a famous baby boy, U.S. Grant, Ohio’s native son.

Born in a one room cabin on the banks of the mighty Ohio River, Grant’s journey led him from the battlefields of the Civil War all the way to the White House to lead a war-weary nation.

On Saturday April 26, Point Pleasant celebrates his birthday with an exciting event. Held on the grounds of the Birthplace, Civil War re-enactors will have a living history camp. There will be artillery including a cannon that will be fired with an echo to shake the Kentucky hills. Activities begin with flag-raising at 10:30 am presented by New Richmond’s Vets Color Guard. The official program begins at 1 p.m. in the Grant Memorial Church with special speaker Rick Crawford; guest soloists include John Hale and State Rep. Doug Green. At 3 p.m. there will be special music from the Civil War era.

The Grant Church will be serving food during the day. For more information phone Roberts at (513) 497 – 0492.