Clermont County Library is open 24/7

Christine Wick
By Christine Wick

I want to introduce the 24/7 Clermont County Public Library.

As the director of the library, I know people are using the library differently. And, our library staff is changing how we work with you. We want to encourage everyone to take a look at what is available online.

People are busy with work, school and family. We know it’s hard sometimes to visit the library during regular hours.

That is one reason why we are offering eCards starting April 30. You and everyone over the age of 5 in your family can sign up online and cards will be mailed to your home to verify you live in Clermont County. With this card, you have access to a vast array of online materials including music, movies, magazines, eBooks, eAudiobooks, databases and more.

All these additional materials are another reason for why we are offering eCards. We don’t have enough space in our physical libraries to offer everything that is available online.

And access is available at 6 a.m. when your child needs one more verified fact for a term paper due that day or midnight when you just finished one book and need something new to read, be it “Good Housekeeping” magazine or a new book by your favorite author.

Or download some music so you can listen to something new on the way to work. Download a movie to share with the family tonight after supper or to take along on a trip.

Your “24/7 library” is even fun to “browse” on a rainy afternoon just to see what’s available.

Those with regular library cards already have access to the online materials. Just log in and start exploring.

If you have questions about the online materials or about the application that is on our website,, call our library account help line at 735-7144 or email

Also, check out our Facebook page for messages about what is available. Like us on Facebook and please share with your friends. For those of you on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, find the library pages for suggestions about how to use the online materials.

Remember visiting the library as a child, sitting on the floor in front of a row of colorful books and how much fun it was to pick two or three to take home? Remember Mom hurrying you along with that all-important decision? You can do that now at home on your computer at your own pace for your tablet, laptop or phone. Take your time, and remember you can always come back again tomorrow or whenever it’s convenient to you.

Remember, the Clermont County Public Library is now open 24/7 online.

Christine Wick is the director of the Clermont County Public Library. Visit