Union Township employees to receive raises

Ken Geis

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Union Township Trustees approved a raise for employees during their April 10 meeting.

Administrator Ken Geis said the increase in wages amounts to approximately three percent with some employees receiving a little more to get them caught up with the normal wages for their positions.

Geis said the increase in wages is consistent to what was previously approved for the collective bargaining units at the township.

“I think it is consistent with the market,” Geis said about the raises.

He said there are about 20 employees at the township, including administrative staff.

“We have some of the best employees in government in our region, certainly in Clermont County,” Geis said.

Trustees approved the wage increase for employees during the meeting.

“I think if you want the best people you have to pay them what they’re worth,” Trustee John McGraw said.