Precinct Election Officials are needed for the May 6 election

The Clermont County Board of Elections is in ned of about 50 PEOs for the Primary Election on May 6. What is a PEO? A PEO is a “Precinct Election Official,” formerly known as a poll worker.

What are the qualifications to be a PEO? First, you must be a registered voter in Clermont County. You must be able to read and write and enjoy working with the public. You must also be able to attend a training class and have transportation to the polls on the morning of Election Day. PEOs cannot have any felony convictions on their record per the Ohio Revised Code.

PEOs can be assigned to be Presiding Judges, Provisional Clerks, Recordings Clerks, or Ballot Judges. All positions work together as a team to process the voters on election day.

What does a PEO get paid? They get paid $130 for working Election Day. They also get the satisfaction of knowing and being able to say they did their civic duty and contributed something to their community.

For a rewarding experience, call the Clermont County Board of Elections today at (513) 732-7275 and sign up to be a PEO. The Clermont County Board of Elections needs your help!