Letter to the Editor
The truth has value and must not be distorted

Dear Editor:

Representative Brad Wenstrup’s recent opinion piece concerning the ACA distorts the facts. The CBO report does not state that 2.5 million jobs will be cut. The report states that certain people will no longer be chained to a certain employment situation simply to retain health benefits. These are hard working, responsible people who now have the option to pursue better wages, start a business, concentrate on higher education, care for family members, or recover from debilitating illness. The jobs they leave will still be there, filled by others. Work does have value, so does truth. If the ACA cannot be repealed, is the tactic now to shame those who benefit from it?

Our representative worries that we, the common people, will lose sight of the American Dream reached through the fruits of our labor. He does not seem worried about equal pay for women or the stagnant poverty wages earned by the working poor. It seems to me that we finally have the freedom to take our “creative activity” elsewhere if someone else is taking all the fruit.

Mr. Wenstrup seems to think that the decrease of participation in the labor force is due to an Obama induced work allergy.

In fact, an aging population and a lack of living wage jobs play a major role. Touting the Keystone Pipeline as part of the solution to unemployment is also misleading.

Most of those jobs will be temporary. Once the pipeline is built these people will be left worrying about their water supply and fighting Mr. Wenstrup and friends for unemployment benefits. Lowered expectations indeed!

Karen Marotta