Hamm indicted for murder, rape

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Phillip Hamm, the Union Township man who was arrested for murdering his roommate Meagan Fambry Feb. 15, was indicted by the Clermont County Grand Jury on murder and rape charges March 11.

Clermont County Prosecutor Vince Faris said Hamm was indicted on three counts: aggravated murder, murder, and rape.

Faris said the rape charge came after the initial charges because police had not completed their investigation when Hamm was initially charged.

“The morning when they charged him, they hadn’t completed their investigation,” Faris said. “That was evidence they were looking at.”

Faris said the prosecutor’s office decided the rape charge was appropriate to present to the grand jury after the investigation was complete.

He said the aggravated murder charge is purposefully causing the death of another, and the murder charge is purposefully causing in death of another while committing the act of rape.

“We can go forward on both the aggravated murder and the murder charge and the jury could decide on both, but he could only be sentenced on one because they are out of the same act,” Faris said about the charges.

Hamm called 911 and admitted to killed Fambry on Feb. 15.

During the phone call, Hamm told the dispatcher that he had killed Fambry and gave police directions to the apartment the two shared in Union Township.

“Last night, well basically this morning, my roommate and I got into an argument,” Hamm said during the call. “And I honestly lost my mind, and I went off, and I choked her, and I killed her.”

Hamm gave the dispatcher additional details about the night and the sequence of events that occurred after he and Fambry returned from a party.

Faris said the 911 call is unique in the case.

“That’s not often that you get a statement of that extent,” he said about the call.

Faris said their investigation into the case is mostly complete.

Hamm remains in Clermont County Jail on a $1 million bond. He is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing at 9 a.m. March 26 in front of Judge Victor Haddad.