Architects working on Batavia school design

Jim Knappenberger, with CR Architecture and Design, explains the exterior design plans for the new Batavia Elementary School at the March 17 board meeting.

Jim Knappenberger, with CR Architecture and Design, explains the exterior design plans for the new Batavia Elementary School at the March 17 board meeting.
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Architects with CR Architecture and Design presented interior and exterior design ideas for the new elementary school during the Batavia Local School District Board of Education meeting March 17.

“The last time I presented was when we finished schematic design,” Christie Boron, client leader for the building project, said. “Now we’re at the tail end of design development.”

Boron introduced Jim Knappenberger and Kelly Gaddes, both with CR Architecture and Design, to present the exterior and interior design ideas.

Knappenberger showed board members renderings of the exterior of the new building.

“These are main elevations,” Knappenberger said. “Next we are looking at exterior colors and materials.”

Knappenberger brought samples of the materials for board members and guests to see.

He said they are looking at using about three shades of concrete brick for the exterior.

“It is less expensive than clay brick,” Knappenberger said.

Knappenberger said they will have several blocks of solid colored bricks on the building. He said there will also be some metal materials, stone-like materials and a green archway included in the building plans.

“The stone-like materials will be carried into the interior of the building,” Knappenberger said.

Gaddes said she has been exploring different interior design materials and themes after she spoke with administrators and teachers that will be using the new school.

“Nature was a theme that everyone seemed to resonate with,” Gaddes said. “The hope is that when you walk in the building you get a sense of nature.”

Gaddes said she started experimenting with different materials that matched the emotive qualities of nature including organic, serene and refreshing colors and materials.

Gaddes showed board members and guests different neutral colors samples that could be used for the walls, flooring, cabinetry, and more.

“You can pair with any of the accent colors,” Gaddes said about the neutral tones.

She said accent colors could be yellow, red or other colors and could be exchanged years down the road without too much work.

“We are looking at the possibility of carpet tile for the classrooms,” Gaddes said.

She said the carpet tiles are much different than normal carpet. She said they can be removed from the floor and can be cleaned more easily cleaned than carpet that is installed in rolls.

Batavia Elementary School Principal Renee Munro said at first they weren’t sure about carpet in classrooms.

“Our concern was we do have stains, we do have kids that throw up,” Munro said.

Munro said after looking at new carpet samples she feels the carpet tiles won’t be too difficult to maintain and will cost less money.

“I have lots of carpet samples,” she said. “I am sold on them right now.”

Boron said they are still brainstorming now how far to take the nature theme throughout the building.

Boron said they could go as far as branding the classroom wings with different themes such as a rainforest theme for one wing and a river theme for another.

She said larger-scale graphics can help students find their way.

Board of Education member Scott Runck said he also wants to make sure the Batavia Bulldog is carried throughout the building.

“The Bulldogs is the school’s identity,” Runck said.

Boron said they will definitely be including the bulldog and school colors throughout the building, and especially in the athletics areas.

Boron said Gaddes will be honing in to develop these ideas in the coming weeks and months.

Boron said they are on track with the planning and design of the building, and she is anticipating that the district could have a ground breaking ceremony for the new building before contractors begin digging this summer.

She said they are still on track for an August 2016 completion date for the new school.