Amelia council considering life insurance for part-time police

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Amelia village council members are considering purchasing life insurance for their part-time police officers after a recommendation from Police Chief David Friend.

Friend first discussed the idea with council during their Jan. 28 meeting.

“The part-time guys don’t have life insurance through us,” Friend told council members during the meeting. “It’s a crying shame if something would happen to them. They go out and do the same as full-time officers.”

Amelia Mayor Todd Hart said he knows insurance is only available at the village for full-time employees. He said he is not sure if the village could offer insurance to part-time employees.

Hart asked Friend to check on the rates for life insurance for part-time officers.

During the Feb. 25 council meeting friend presented prices for life insurance to council.

Friend said he looked at Trans America Life Insurance prices, which were $149 per year for the oldest part-time officer and $115 per year for the youngest part-time officer at the village.

Friend said the rates can be interchanged as part-time officers come and go at the department.

“I am going to recommend we use this,” Friend said during the meeting.

Hart said he will bring the information to the next finance meeting at the village to discuss with committee members.