Library presents ‘March into Reading’

The Clermont County Public Library is offering a family program to encourage children to become lifelong readers, with a focus on pre-kindergarten early literacy.

At the Union Township Branch from 6 – 8 p.m. March 7, families will receive “Marching Orders” encouraging children to have fun with early literacy missions. The night begins with meeting local authors Will Hillenbrand, Jennifer Elig and Bruce Meadows. Staff members will present programs in writing, math and science, storytime and a playtime. CCPL Hands Up! Puppet Troupe will perform a new puppet show, “A Pirate Adventure.” The last mission of the night is to sing along with the acoustic sound of Steve Featherston.

“Developing these skills is easy and fun and can be shared with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. It’s amazing that these simple activities can have such a powerful effect in a child’s ability to learn to read” said Chris Wick, Clermont County Public Library Director. “The library is a great place to discover these tools that will help your child acquire the abilities they need to be successful in school.”

Clermont County Public Library early literacy programs are designed to introduce children to reading before they actually learn to read and write. Research shows that early experiences with books and other literacy materials are crucial in helping children become better readers. “Marching Orders” is a fun, interactive way to engage early readers.

The children will receive a booklet that will be stamped upon completing each mission throughout the branch. After all the missions are accomplished the child will receive a special prize.