New shopping center coming to Union Township

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Union Township residents may have noticed some changes taking place to some big-name stores in the Eastgate area.

Garden Ridge and Golf Galaxy closed their doors last month, and soon construction crews will begin to tear both of the buildings down to make way for new development including an LA Fitness gym.

Cory Wright, zoning director and assistant administrator at Union Township, said Casto, the developer that purchased the properties more than 10 years ago, is looking to make some changes.

“What they have decided to do is reposition and redevelop that site to take advantage of the highway improvements,” Wright said.

Wright said a new traffic flow will result from the Eastern Corridor improvements in that area.

He said the developer is planning to completely scrape the 15-acre site and build several new buildings including the nearly 42,000 square foot LA Fitness building.

“It’s a really neat facility,” Wright said about the gym. “That will have a pleasing presence.”

Wright said there will also be several other buildings on the site. He said a multi-tenant facility will be built on the northern part of the site, a one or two-tenant building will be on the southern part of the site, and at least four additional outlots will also be available on the site.

Wright said officials with LA Fitness are hoping to open by 2015.

“You will start to see demolition activity in the next month or so,” Wright said. “ Demolition will occur concurrent to construction of LA Fitness.”

Wright said he believes the new setup will be a better scaled site with similar square footage allowing for multiple uses.

“This is new investment and we’re pleased that they are doing that,” Wright said. “I think it will have a whole host of benefits for the township and that area.”

Wright said the move leverages the transportation improvements in the area to achieve property investment.

“We are really excited about it,” he said.