Walk with the city of Milford for a great cause

Are you ready to “Walk with Milford?” In 2010, the Clermont Coalition for Activity and Nutrition identified that 33.4 percent of adults in Clermont County participate in no exercise or physical activity, which is higher than both the state and national average. One of the Coalition’s objectives is to decrease the percentage of Clermont County residents who participate in no physical activity by 9 percent by 2015.

The City of Milford can help lead the way by encouraging our residents, employees and organizations to accept the “Walk with Milford” challenge to increase their physical activity in 2014. The goal of the “Walk with Milford” initiative is to introduce residents to walking at the Heart Mini Marathon and Walk and then to encourage the public to begin neighborhood walking groups in their area. In turn, the community will improve its overall health and help reduce the percentage of Clermont County residents who participate in no physical activity in 2014.

The City of Milford implemented a Workplace Wellness Program for employees in 2013. One of the main components of the program is physical activity. Walking was identified as one of the voluntary physical activities that all employees can participate in.

“By promoting physical activity and the well-being of Milford’s employees, the community gains the benefits of a healthier, happier and more energetic workforce” said Assistant to the City Manager Susan Ellerhorst.

The Heart Mini Marathon and Walk is a great opportunity for employees and families of the community to increase their physical fitness and fight heart disease and stroke.

“We intend to increase morale and fitness by having employees, their families and friends raise money for a great cause and donate their time for the benefit of the larger community,” said City Manager Jeff Wright.

Join the City of Milford employees, families and friends as they take on the challenge of increasing their physical activity on March 16 at the American Heart Association’s 37th annual Heart Mini Marathon and Walk in Cincinnati. There is an event for everyone from runners to walkers!

Together Milford can help change the statistics in Clermont County. Challenge your friends and family members to join today to “Walk with Milford.”

For more information about the City of Milford’s Team, visit http://cincinnati.kintera.org/heartmini/20140106093403715.