Wood stove standards are a bad idea

To the Editor:

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the EPA is considering new restrictions on wood stoves. The proposed new standards will outlaw the manufacture and sale of wood stoves that release more than 1.3 grams of particulates per hour. This is TWICE as clean-burning as the cleanest stove now available, which is a pellet stove costing over $3,000.

What we’re seeing is the federal government outlawing the cost-effective heat source that rural people depend on. This makes the silly federal ban on incandescent light bulb look like child’s play. By requiring pellet technology, the federal government is literally banning self-sufficiency for country people and forcing us to buy fuel from giant corporations that control pellet manufacturing.

We’ve all seen and smelled the offensive clouds of wood smoke from poorly-managed stoves. It’s not neighborly to pollute an entire neighborhood, and if everyone burned wood that way we couldn’t breathe. But surely there’s a middle ground. Draconian federal regulations punish everyone for the offenses of a few. Worse, they outlaw an age-old source of heat for our homes, an overreach that could someday threaten our very survival. We need to push back. Time to call your congressman and senators.

Steve Boehme
Peebles, Ohio