Police to get new equipment

Chief Friend
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Officers with the Amelia Police Department are getting new radios, flashlights, and other equipment after council approved the purchase of the items in December and January.

At the Dec. 17 council meeting last year, Police Chief David Friend requested the purchase of new radios for the officers.

“We desperately need these things,” Friend said about the radios.

Councilman Derrick Campbell said they have money available to purchase the radios for the department.

Friend said the price they received from Motorola for the radios was $19,000.

At the Jan. 14 council meeting Friend said the radios are currently being programmed before they arrive.

“I can’t wait,” Friend said. “We should have them soon.”

Also at the Jan. 14 council meeting, Friend requested the purchase of new flashlights for the officers.

“We have always had a problem with the flashlights with our cars,” Friend told council members during their meeting.

Friend said the department’s current flashlights are in poor condition and are having trouble keeping a charge.

Friend said officers have been sharing flashlights and sometimes do not have an effective flashlight when they are out in the field.

He said he has looked into new flashlights that he could issue to each of the officers.

“I would recommend we issue our guys flashlights,” Friend said. “There are holders so they can carry them.”

Friend said the flashlights would belong to the department and each officer would be responsible for taking care of, and returning his or her flashlight.

He said he researched Pelican brand flashlights, which come with a warranty.

“They are $1,500 for 10 with holders,” Friend said. “These are really high quality.”

Friend also requested council approve the purchase of a new fingerprinting machine for the department.

He said the machine enables officers to take finger prints quickly and easily, especially now that they have more theft happening at the new Amelia Kroger.

Friend said the machine costs approximately $800.