Batavia Trustees looking ahead to 2014 paving project

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees are already looking ahead to what roads will be a part of the Clermont County Road Resurfacing Program in 2014.

Public Services Director Kenneth Embry said the township received an email from the county about participating in the program for 2014.

Embry said there are a lot of roads he can think of that need to be repaved and suggested trustees meet with him to discuss the project.

“We will get together and go look at the roads that I think need paving,” Embry said.

Embry said a few he wants to look at are Benton, Judd, and Elmwood roads.

He said trustees will decide which roads to put on the list for 2014.

Embry said being a part of the county road resurfacing program worked well for the township last year.

“It went real well,” Embry said. “We were able to get a better price and it gives us an opportunity to do more road work than we budgeted for.”

Embry said prior to the road resurfacing program he would put together the bid specifications and a company would be selected to complete the work.

“We feel we get a better price by going together with other municipalities,” Embry said.

Trustees agreed to meet with Embry to look at roads during the meeting.

Administrator Rex Parsons said they have budgeted $200,000 for the resurfacing program next year.

Parsons said the county is looking to put together a list of roads for the program by February.

Batavia Township is one of many jurisdictions that participated in the county road resurfacing program last year.

Doug Royer, deputy engineer for the Clermont County Engineer’s Office, last year said 14 townships and villages participated in the program.

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