Tate Township owners preserve 57 acres of farmland

Tate Township land near East Fork State Park which has now been preserved as farmland forever.

On Dec. 18, Karen McClanahan and Kayla Collier granted an Agricultural Easement to the Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation Association (SOFPA) which will ensure that 57.86 acres of agricultural property in Tate Township will remain available for agriculture forever.


The family has owned the property for four generations. The land had been owned by Clyde Mattox, the father of the present owners, and his parents and grandparents before him.

The agricultural easement will ensure that no residential or industrial development may occur on the land but that it will be available for a wide range of agricultural uses. The owners hope that it will serve as a catalyst to keep southeastern Clermont County a strong agricultural area.

SOFPA was enthusiastic about joining in the effort of the owners. SOFPA is a local non-profit corporation headquartered in Georgetown which works with landowners who wish to preserve their land from development.

Under an agricultural easement, SOFPA has the legal right to insist that there will never be commercial, industrial, or residential development on the acreage involved. SOFPA holds agricultural easements in Adams, Brown and Clermont Counties and is actively working with farm owners in Highland County to preserve farmland there.

According to Jerry Schwallie, SOFPA President, landowners who decide to restrict the future development of their property usually have two reasons for doing so.

Like Mrs. McClanahan and Mrs. Collier, they have a strong desire that their land remain open and available for agriculture forever. Landowners may also be motivated by the potential financial benefit from the tax deduction for donating to a non-profit corporation the right to insist that the land never be developed.

Landowners who want more information about easement donation may contact Patrick Hornschemeier, Attorney for SOFPA, at his office in Georgetown, for a free no-obligation informational session.