Students discover that ‘words are everywhere’

Students at Summerside Elementary and Child Focus, a United Way agency partner, took part in Books Alive, Books Alive! For Kids, an integrated arts and literacy program of Learning through Art, Inc., which receives United Way funding.

The program targets students pre-school through third grade and is designed to enhance creative thinking, writing, reading, art, and music education in three interactive sessions. The goals include reducing childhood illiteracy; encouraging and preparing students to compete and succeed in the global community through reading, and stimulating a love for learning through all the senses.

The Nov. 26 session focused on Donavan’s Word Jar. The Children’s Theater of Cincinnati led activities about Donavan, who is fascinated by words and keeps them on slips of paper in a glass jar. But one day the jar is almost full and Donavan has a dilemma.

How can he make room for new words without giving up all the terrific words already in his jar? A visit to his grandmother provides the unexpected solution in this heartwarming story about how important words can be.

Last year, the program at Summerside and Child Focus was based on My Mama Had A Dancing Heart.

United Way works to ensure children are prepared for kindergarten and reading on grade level to set the tone for success in school and life. These efforts are helping achieve the Bold Goals for Our Region in education, income and health.