Bethel Council sets rates for electric service

By Art Hunter

Bethel Village Council passed an ordinance Thursday, Dec. 12 which set the rates the village charges consumers served by the municipal electric system.

“The goal was to simplify the rate by removing the step rates which had been carried forward since the days when we generated our own power,” village administrator Travis Dotson said.

The residential rate is $0.1 per KWh, with a $6 per month service charge.

According to Dotson, most residential and small business users will not see a change. He said that the village’s electric rates were decreased by 9 percent in February of 2012.

“The only customers who will see an increase would be the large business users who were actually seeing most of their usage billed under the old step-down rates, which are now eliminated,” Dotson said.

Business customers had been being charged less per kilowatt hour the more electricity they used.

The commercial rates are now set at $0.1 per KWh with a $20 per month service charge for single-phase service and $35 per month service charge for three-phase service.

“We wanted to remove the step-rates at a time when we weren’t also increasing the kilowatt-hour rate,” Dotson said. “This makes it very easy for a homeowner to calculate their usage costs. There are no steps and no hidden riders. It is a simple calculation.”