Amphibians of Ohio: first-of-its-kind book is now available

Exquisite photographs, original artwork, and comprehensive accounts of Ohio’s frogs, toads, and salamanders are now available in the groundbreaking new book, Amphibians of Ohio. This 916-page hardcover book has just been released by the Ohio Biological Survey and is available at

We typically think of amphibians as creatures that start out life as gill-breathing aquatic larvae that eventually become adults with lungs and legs, but their adaptations for survival take other forms as well: One family of salamanders never develops lungs; some species forego the larval stage and hatch as miniature adults; one frog species changes from tadpole to adult in just two weeks; several species of salamanders are aquatic their whole lives; some amphibians reach sexual maturity very quickly while others can take years before they can breed. Amphibians of Ohio explores the fascinating diversity of their life histories, developmental paths, reproductive strategies, and ecological niches.

Thirty-three knowledgeable and field-experienced zoologists authored and edited Amphibians of Ohio. They present up-to-date information about the State’s 14 species of frogs and toads and 25 species/subspecies of salamanders. They also describe an extraordinary group that uses a form of reproduction unknown in any other vertebrate: the unisexual Ambystoma salamanders, a group which utilizes genes from multiple species.

The book combines non-technical text with rigorous scientific data to accommodate a range of interests and uses.

It is appropriate for amateur and professional naturalists, academics, environmental consultants, and public agencies, as well as anyone else looking for a complete reference for all of the amphibians in Ohio.

Life history, taxonomy, habitats, distribution, and conservation status are described in detail for every species of wild amphibian in Ohio. The thorough treatment covered in the text is elaborated upon in tables, maps, graphs, and photographs. The 73 pages of literature citations in the book are an additional resource.

“Naturalists and others have been studying and writing about the state’s amphibians since the early 1800’s,” said Greg Smith, Executive Director of the Ohio Biological Survey. “But, until now, there has never been a comprehensive treatment of the biology of all of Ohio’s frogs, toads, and salamanders within a single volume. The much-anticipated Amphibians of Ohio fills that void.”

Development of this publication was supported by the Ohio Division of Wildlife through the Wildlife Diversity and Endangered Species Fund. This fund consists of donations through the state income tax check-off program, sales of the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp, and the purchase of Cardinal license plates. Additional, generous financial assistance for printing the book came from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Crane Hollow Foundation, Toledo Zoo, and Cincinnati Zoo. The Toledo Naturalists Association and Akron Zoo also contributed funding for printing.

The Ohio Biological Survey is pleased to offer Amphibians of Ohio ($90 and shipping), an invaluable reference book for many years to come. Visit to order a copy.