Chief Sue Madsen takes over in Miami Township

Miami Township Police Chief Sue Madsen

Miami Township Police Chief Sue Madsen

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

New Miami Township Police Chief Sue Madsen has been on the path to becoming chief for several years.

From her work in the drug unit at the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, to her years working her way up to a lieutenant at Union Township, Madsen gained much of her experience in Clermont County.

Now, after two years serving as assistant chief in Miami Township, Madsen is transitioning to chief, replacing retiring chief Steven Bailey.

“This was the transition plan Chief Bailey put into place when they hired me,” Madsen said.

Becoming chief makes Madsen the only female chief in Clermont County, and Sheriff A.J. “Tim” Rodenberg said it appears that

Madsen is the first female police chief ever in Clermont County.

While she may be a part of history, Madsen is humble about the promotion.

“I don’t look at the woman aspect,” Madsen said. “I look at it as anyone else would.”

Madsen said she knows that being a chief requires dedication and flexibility.

“This job as a woman or a man is not for everyone,” Madsen said. “You have to really think about law enforcement and the different hours of work.”

Madsen said she finds the work rewarding and is thankful for those who have helped her along the way.

“I’ve always enjoyed law enforcement,” Madsen said. “I have so many people to thank who have taken a chance on me.”

She said her continued goal is to make difficult situations easier for the residents she serves.

“Many people you meet are in traumatic situations,” Madsen said.

Madsen said she tries to make bad situations easier by helping those involved understand all of their options and the processes involved.

She said she has found this approach most effective in making victims and individuals involved more comfortable.

“Hopefully you’ve helped someone along the way,” Madsen said.

Madsen said as chief she also wants to continue to take an analytical approach to law enforcement in the township.

She said one way she is looking to do this is to locate hot spots of crime in the township.

“We have to be creative about catching crime in these areas and be efficient with our resources in the area,” Madsen said.

Madsen said she has other goals and ideas for the department that she is still developing.

She said her number one priority now is to hire and assistant chief at the department to fill her position.
“December 11 is the deadline for resumes and cover letters to be in,” Madsen said. “January 31 is Chief Bailey’s last day with the township.”

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