Batavia’s Main Street to remain closed until spring

A view of Batavia’s East Main Street facing west.

A view of Batavia’s East Main Street facing west.

By Art Hunter

Batavia’s East Main Street will be closed through the winter, but ongoing redesign of East Main and rebuilding of North Fourth and South Second streets is proceeding on schedule. Work on the project began in September.

“It’s taking shape so that you can see what the shape of it will be,” Village administrator Dennis Nichols said.

Nichols said that the good weather held long enough that the contractor was able to get the base course of asphalt in place, but that the top coat can’t be poured until temperatures rise in the spring.

The street isn’t driveable now due to hazards such as manhole covers, and because the base course of asphalt can’t be plowed or treated with salt.

“I’m disappointed we aren’t going to have the road open for a couple of months, but the crossovers are open,” Nichols said. “Through traffic has been routed to the side streets, and a lot of traffic has learned to avoid downtown Batavia and stay on the highway or use 222 or 132.”

Nichols said that with the street closed, it should be easier for the utility companies to work on their facilities.

According to Nichols the next major projects are the base post for lights, and the electrical service and lights, which is all right on schedule.

“All in all it has been going quite well, and we’re highly pleased with the general contractor, Ford Development,” Nichols said.

The project includes a redesign of East Main Street, and the rebuilding of South Second and North Fourth Streets.

The redesign of East Main will include wider sidewalks, a center turn lane, and stamped asphalt crosswalks.

The project is expected to be finished by June of 2014.

The project is expected to cost approximately $4.8 million, 2.5 million of which will be paid for with  bonds. $989,000 is coming from an Ohio Public Works Commission grant, and $1.35 million is coming in the form of a OPWC loan.