Mulberry Elementary students read Flat Stanley

Ruby Martin holds Cooper’s Flat Stanley, who recently paid a visit to The Clermont Sun office in Batavia.
Students in Mrs. Buckley’s second grade class at Mulberry Elementary, Milford, have read the story “Flat Stanley.” The story is about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board and the many adventures he has while being flat. In the story, he even traveled to different places in the mail.

Mrs. Buckley’s students have made their own Flat Stanley characters, and are attempting to see how many different places he can travel before May 1, 2014.

They have mailed their characters to friends and relatives, who are taking pictures of him in various locations. The people who receive Stanley in the mail send the pictures and a description of his adventures back to the students, and send Stanley on to a new destination for more adventures.

A student named Cooper sent Stanley to The Clermont Sun, where he posed for a picture with employee Ruby Martin.