Commissioners support expansion of port boundary

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Clermont County Commissioners approved a resolution to support the port boundary expansion of the Port of Cincinnati during their Nov. 20 session.

Andy Kuchta, director of the Department of Community and Economic development, introduced Melissa Johnson, director of transportation and logistics for the Cincinnati Port Authority to commissioners.

Johnson explained what the expansion of the port boundary would mean for the community.

“This is really for statistics and marketing,” Johnson said.

Johnson said they are looking to expand the port boundary to 205 miles in several counties.

She said the change would expand the Port of Cincinnati beyond the current recognized limits of the Ohio River Mile 465 and 491 and would include the entire riverfront of Clermont County from Ohio River Mile 429.5 to 455.2.

Johnson said the move will take the area from the 48th largest port to the ninth largest port.

“We think it is a positive marketing tool,” Johnson said.

She said they hope to be able to use the statistics to target industries and other businesses looking at coming to the area.

“We think so too,” Commissioner Ed Humphrey said about using the expansion as a marketing tool.

Commissioners approved the resolution to support the port boundary expansion.

Johnson said they are working to gain the support of other counties.

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