Sexton sentenced to 15 years

Alexsis Sexton, of Batavia, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to three county of Endangering Children.

Sexton was charged with intentionally harming three separate children. She was convicted of purposely dropping a 1-year-old child causing him to sustain a skull fracture and a lacerated liver. She also convicted of fracturing the fingers on the left hand of another child. She was also convicted of bending back several fingers on the hand of a third child who was six months old at the time, causing the child acute pain.

During the course of Sexton’s interview with the probation department, she indicated that she had intentionally harmed children since she was five years old, and had continued to do so until she was arrested for the incidents that occurred in March of this year. When asked to estimate how many children she had intentionally harmed in her life, she stated that there were too many to count.

Sexton indicated that she targeted babies and infants because they could not talk or tell on her.