Four candidates running in Union Township

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Four candidates are running to fill two seats on the Union Township Board of Trustees this November.

Timothy Donnellon and Robert McGee have both spent several years on the board, while Lloyd Acres and John McGraw are trying to secure a seat.

Lloyd Acres, a long-time Union Township resident, said this is his second time running for trustee.

“I really would like to give something back to my community with the service of being trustee,” Acres said.

Acres said he believes he has knowledge and experience that he can bring to the table if elected, including a background managing a manufacturing plant.

“I have experience hiring, running a day-to-day business, purchasing with a construction company and making sure we have materials on the job at the lowest cost,” Acres said. “I certainly had to work on a budget and work at an efficient rate.”

Acres said if he is elected he would like to make sure the township services are running efficiently.

“I would like to make some improvements with core services,” Acres said. “I would also like to take a look at the road resurfacing in our township and pave at a faster pace if the budget allows.”

Acres said he also wants to support economic development in the township and get rid of the blighted homes.

Incumbent candidate Timothy Donnellon has nearly 13 years of experience on the board of trustees. He is also the sales manager for Jeff Wyler Auto Mall.

“I enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community and to create a good environment for growth that benefits the residents of Union Township,” Donnellon said.

Donnellon said they have made a lot of progress in the township the past few years.

“We have been very successful about maintaining our revenue,” Donnellon said. “We have been able to cut a property tax levy.”

Donnellon said revenue from creating Joint Economic Development Districts in the township made it possible to cut the levy.

He said if he is re-elected he would like to continue to spur growth and improve the township for residents.

“We’ve got Children’s Hospital coming, we are looking for other developments like that,” Donnellon said. “The township is open for business. We are open to any opportunity for new business to come in that is beneficial to residents.”

Donnellon said will also continue improving services if elected.

“I want to continue with the accreditation of our departments,” Donnellon said.

Robert McGee, also an incumbent candidate, has been on the board for the past 12 years.

“We have done some great things in the township in the last 12 years,” McGee said. “We opened the civic center, opened Ivy Pointe, Children’s Hospital is starting their facility in 2015, and of course Jungle Jim’s. We are very proud of that.”

McGee said he hoping to continue with the things they have been working on.

“I’d like to see the growth and development continue,” McGee said. “We have an area on Bach-Buxton that developers are looking at. We have other facilities that may be coming to the Ivy Pointe area.”

McGee has lived in the township since 1964. He worked as a bailiff for Clermont County Municipal Court and is involved in several organizations in the community. McGee also served in the U.S. Navy.

“I love the people of Union Township,” McGee said. “They have been good to me and I just want to return the favor.”

John McGraw said he decided to run for election in 2009 because he felt there was a need for improvement in the township.

“I felt like a lot of money wasn’t being handled properly,” McGraw said. “I just felt like we could do a better job.”

McGraw said he has 20 years of business management experience along with being involved in the community.

McGraw said if he is elected he would work to correct storm water drainage issues in the township and eliminate blighted buildings.

“We have a lot of storm water drainage issues,” McGraw said. “We need to rebuild our infrastructure and fix these problems.”

McGraw said he would also work to bring more business into blighted areas of the township if he is elected.

“We need to continue the business development,” McGraw said. “There are still a lot of vacant store fronts. I think we can bring better business in, especially in the Mt. Carmel area.”

McGraw said he also feels there is a need for sidewalks to improve safety for residents and children who walk in the township.

“There are state and federal funds,” McGraw said. “It’s just a matter of going after them and filling out applications.”

Union Township residents will get to elect two of the four candidates for trustee Nov. 5.

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