Five candidates running for Amelia Village Council seats

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Five candidates are running for Amelia Village Council this November.

Incumbent candidates include Derrick Campbell, Chris Dickerson, and Katie Krafka. Former councilman Timothy Rosser and Amelia resident Brandon Hatton are hoping to secure seats on council.

Derrick Campbell said he has five years of experience on Amelia Village Council. He currently serves as vice mayor in the village.

“I’ve headed up the finance committee and also the planning and zoning committee,” Campbell said. “I am looking forward to helping lead the village into transition to becoming a city.”

In addition to his experience on council, Campbell said he also has 18 years of experience running multiple companies as president and chief executive officer.

He said he is looking to use his experience to continue economic development in the village.

“We are hoping to see Main Street continue to develop eastward,” Campbell said. “We’d like to see that continue to turn over to business. I would also like to roll the village into becoming a city and try to maintain the small-town feel.”

Chris Dickerson, who was appointed to council two years ago, said he is looking to continue with the positive things they have accomplished in the village since he has been on council.

“Since I have been on council we’ve done a lot of good things,” Dickerson said. “One major thing was getting Kroger headed in the right direction.”

Dickerson said they have have also worked to complete street re-paving, road widening and traffic signal projects in the village.

“It is nice to see good things happening in our village,” Dickerson said. “I’m hoping to continue that. There is a lot of future development coming our way and I would like to see that through.”

Dickerson said they are working on future projects that will spark even more development in the village. He said they have also worked on projects for the community.

“Recreation is starting to get things together with community events,” Dickerson said. “We have made some improvements with parks and lighting and are hoping to possibly have a pond up at Spencer Shank Park.”

Dickerson said they have also worked to improve Odd Fellows Cemetery.

He said his experience in the customer service industry has helped him on council.

“I do a lot of work interacting with people in general,” Dickerson said. “I am confident in being able to speak to different people about different issues. I consider myself a candidate that thinks out of the box and doesn’t follow suit like others.”

Katie Krafka was also appointed to Amelia council and is looking to continue serving residents.

“I have really enjoyed serving the community of Amelia this past eight months and want to continue to do so,” Krafka said. “I am excited about my involvement in the committees I serve on, including the city committee.”

Krafka said her experience in the past three years on recreation committee as well as her work running non-profit organizations has helped her as a council member.

“I work on small budgets,” Krafka said about her experience. “Communication and collaboration are big for non-profits. That has helped me as a council member.”

Krafka said if she is elected she is hoping to continue to work toward development in the Kroger area and continue to build a relationship with the Amelia Business Association.

“I want to continue beautification improvements, the traffic light updates, the street paving and the Odd Fellow Cemetery updates,” Krafka said.

She said she also wants to focus on reaching out to residents in the community.

“This past year the best information I’ve gotten is directly from residents,” Krafka said. “Strengthening that relationship is really important to me.”

Brandon Hatton, a resident who was born and raised in Amelia, said he is running for council because he takes pride in his community and wants his voice to be heard.

“I want to make the community better for our generation and the next generation,” Hatton said.

Hatton said he is hoping to bring more business to the village as well as additional shopping and restaurants to help make things more convenient for residents.

He said he has experience working with the United Way and also was appointed to the Amelia Board of Zoning Appeals earlier this year.

“I think it is great,” Hatton said about being involved with the board. “It has given me my first taste as far as being involved with the community.”

Hatton said working with community members is important to him if he is elected.

“I would like to listen to what the people want and what the people need,” Hatton said. “And make sure to treat them fair and do what is best for the community.”

Former council member Timothy Rosser was not available for comment about running for council.

Residents will have the opportunity to vote for four candidate during the Nov. 5 election.