Batavia Township will sponsor historical tours

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees have decided to begin historical tours in the township this year.

Trustees approved a resolution to host the first historical tour Dec. 14.

Clermont County historian Richard Crawford will lead the tour, which will be a bus tour to different historical sites in the township.

Trustees discussed the idea of having historical tours during their September meeting.

Administrator Rex Parsons said Crawford approached him about doing tours in the township. Crawford already leads tours in Union Township.

Parsons said the tours would be similar to Union Township’s tours, where residents take a bus ride to local landmarks and places with historical significance.

Parsons said there are quite a few historical spots in Batavia.

He suggested doing four tours per year, one in each season.

Trustees said they were interested in hosting the tours, and talked about the costs involved.

“Let’s look into it,” Trustee Jim Sauls said during the September meeting.

During their Oct. meeting Parsons said he secured a bus company for the tour at a rate of $200 and not to exceed four hours.

Trustees approved the first tour during the meeting for Dec. 14.

Trustees also discussed going on a preview tour to see what will be discussed during the tours.

Parsons said he will speak with Crawford about doing a run-through in the next couple of months.

For more information about the historical tours call (513) 732-3888.