Creature Feature
Keeping your pet well this fall

Dan Meakin
By Dr. Dan Meakin

Many of our clients have been asking us recently if we offer wellness plans.  We listened to your request, and have developed a very unique, All Creatures wellness program perfect for your pet and your budget. 

Some of the details are below, and much more will be on our website and in our hospital moving forward.  But for now we would like to take a few minutes and explain what we are going to offer, and how it will benefit both you and your pet(s).

Wellness plans are not pet insurance, but instead are a bundled group of services needed to prevent disease and provide the best medicine and protection for your pet.  They often have plan benefits, and can be funded either in full on the date of purchase, or by making monthly installments deducted directly from your checking or savings account.

We examined wellness programs for many, many different veterinarians, and attended countless lectures at the North American Veterinary Conference to try to offer you the best possible care at the best price.  We think we have done just that, and we are all very pleased to offer you these plans, with all of the bundled products coming in at a 20 percent discount!

Ok, on to the good stuff, just what will you get, and how much it will be. 

• Puppy Plans starting at $21/month

• Kitten Plans starting at 22/month

• Dog Plans starting at $15/month

• Cat Plans starting at $14/month

 For each category, we offer a basic plan.  That basic plan includes your pet’s needed vaccines, diagnostic testing, and wellness examinations.  Think of the vaccine packages we offer now and that is the basic package with the addition of a few “perks”.  First of all, your pet will get a minimum of 2 wellness visits, where he or she will receive a comprehensive examination from a veterinarian.  This is essential to good health and illness prevention.

Besides the extra exam and vaccines you will receive the following in our basic plan:

• 10 percent off additional services and products.  If you have that emergency appointment, it will cost you less if you are a wellness plan member

• Unlimited nail trims.  Oh yeah, no more blood trails through the kitchen, no more wrestling to trim that dewclaw, we have you covered with unlimited free nail trims!  

• $20 co-pay for sick visits.  If your pet is sick, you will only pay a co-pay to see the vet, making your visit much more affordable.   

Each of the items in the plans are 20 percent off of our already low prices, making this program the most affordable wellness care we have ever offered!  

Some pets require more services because of their age, breed, or medical history.  Because of that, our plans are targeted, veterinarian driven, custom plans.

Because in addition to the basic plan, your vet will recommend additional services your pet needs based on the physical exam.  If you would like to do comprehensive bloodwork, we can add it.  X-Rays to check for tumors, we can add it. 

Spay, Neuter, Declaw, ear cleanings, anal gland expression, glaucoma screenings, it can all be added into your wellness plan.  We can find the right fit for you and your pet, and you can rest assured that you are providing the best preventative care for your pet.

If you have questions about our wellness program please email our Medical Practice Manager at

 The plans begin at $14 a month, and go up based on the category and your veterinarian’s recommendations.   

If you don’t want to pay monthly that is no problem, you can fully fund your plan when you sign up and then enjoy a year of preventative care and benefits for your best friend

How do you sign up?

You can sign up anytime by phone.  There is a wellness information sheet on our website that helps speed up the process of signing up.  You can also sign up at any of our three convenience locations.

Remember to bring your checking account information (account number and routing number). 

Dr. Dan Meakin is the owner of All Creatures Animal Hospital, 1894 Ohio Pike in Amelia. Call (513) 797-PETS.