Village of New Richmond looking at expanding sewer collection system

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

New Richmond council members gave Administrator Dave Kennedy the go-ahead to look into expanding the sewer collection system in the village to give more people access to the services.

Kennedy discussed the idea with council members during their Sept. 24 meeting.

Kennedy said the village is nearing the end of its debt service payments for the new plant that was built in the village in 1996.

“As the system approaches its payoff, it is a system that is in good shape,” Kennedy said.

He said the system also has the capacity to handle additional growth.

“Now we are reaching the point where we can expand,” Kennedy said. “It’s a pretty big thing for the future of the village.”

Frank Leone, with Environmental Engineering Services, came to the meeting to talk to council member about how an expansion would work.

Leone said they have looked at designs that can accommodate several areas in the village, including Robin Hill and Indian Ridge.

He said increasing the sewer collection system would enable the village to add customers, increase revenue and potentially reduce debt services.

“I think we should start the Robin Hill section as soon as possible,” Councilman Nick Wolf said. “Robin Hill would be the most needed because of the small lots and septic systems.”

Kennedy said they receive the most requests for sewer from the Robin Hill area. “Indian Ridge may also have the most development,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said they need to get started planning for the project now, so that everything will be ready as they get closer to the end of debt services on the plant.

“Expansion of the collection system funding will be structured so that it will come at the end of the debt service,” Kennedy said. “Nothing will happen until the other loan goes away.”