Three vying for two seats on Batavia board

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Three candidates are running for two positions on the board of trustees in Batavia Township.

Incumbents Bill Dowdney and James E. Sauls Jr., are both running for re-election and township resident Jason Fraley is running for trustee for the first time.

All candidates are eager to serve the community and have visions for the future of the village.

Bill Dowdney, who was appointed to council in 2010 and elected in 2011, said he has enjoyed the experience.

“While the job is more challenging than I first realized, it is also very rewarding,” Dowdney said.

Dowdney said he is hoping to attract more manufacturing jobs to Batavia Township if he is re- elected.

“Now that the old Ford plant is full, and the Interstate 275, state Route 32 bypass is well on its way, this area is well positioned to attract large, world-class companies,” Dowdney said.

Dowdney said his experience owning his own business will help him be able to work with these companies.

“I’ve owned my own business for 30-plus years providing equipment to manufacturers,” Dowdney said. “I know what these companies need and want to get them to locate here.”

Dowdney said he is also looking forward to expanding the park facility at the community center, but plans to do so by partnering with other organizations.

“With our revenues being decreased by the state every year, I foresee using more sponsors like we did with UC Clermont and the Cincinnati Reds to accomplish our goals,” Dowdney said.

Jason Fraley, who was born and raised in the township, said he is running for trustee because he has an interest in the township, and he wants to have more involvement in how the township operates.

“I question some funds and where we are spending money,” Fraley said. “I would like to be more involved in that.”

He said over the years the township has been fiscally responsible, but that it seems to him that there have been some changes recently.

“It seems like they are making some drastic changes and they are not being as conservative,” Fraley said. “I’d like to know why and bring some fiscal conservatism back.”

Fraley said he has experience running a company conservatively.

“I am currently president of Sardinia Concrete,” Fraley said. “I took over that position in an economic downturn. Now we have built back up to a prosperous business.”

Fraley said he loves living in the township and wants to work to make it an even better place to live.

“We are in a good location,” Fraley said. “We are close to a big city, but we don’t have the problems of a big city.”

Incumbent trustee James E. “Jim” Sauls Jr., has also lived in the township for many years and raised his family here.

“It’s a great place to raise a family and has a lot to offer,” Sauls said about the township.

Sauls has been a trustee for five years, and he said he would like to continue serving as trustee.

“I am running for re-election so I can continue what we started,” Sauls said. “Continue the conservative fiscal stewardship, continue to make sure the township stays fiscally responsible, continue with the park expansion and keep the township growing and moving in a positive way.”

Sauls said as a retired business owner in the construction industry he has experience with management and development.

“I ran a successful business for 42 years doing a lot of things that pertain to being a trustee,” Sauls said.

Sauls said he has experience with new development, road maintenance, water maintenance, and more.

He said if he is re-elected he would like to continue to work with the county and the state to expand jobs in the township.

“We want to cooperate and help the township grow and the county grown,” Sauls said.

He said he also wants to continue some of the projects that began since he has been a trustee including the development of TIF districts as well as projects at the community center park.

“There has been a lot of growth and improvements, I’d like to stay to see that through,” Sauls said.

The three candidates will be on the ballot Nov. 5.