New Richmond water system project is nearly complete

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The village of New Richmond has begun the final improvements on a 10-year water system capital improvement program.

Administrator Dave Kennedy said the village will soon begin the Bethel New Richmond Road Pump Station Project, which will complete the capital improvement program.

Improvements to the water system included new high service pumps, the replacement of the reservoir main, and a new well, telemetry system, reservoir liner and the pump station replacement.

Kennedy said the improvements totaled $743,541. He said the village received $641,492 in grant funds for the projects with the village supplying a match of $102,049.

“The receipt of the grant funding has allowed the village to make significant upgrades to their water system without increasing customers’ rates,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the improvements also put the village in a good position for any upgrades or repairs the village would need to make in the future.