Bethel council has not banned candy throwing during parades

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Bethel Village Council members have no plans to ban the throwing of candy during parades in the community, even after the safety committee discussed their concerns about the issue, according to Bethel Administrator Travis Dotson.

Dotson said there was some confusion about the issue, and he wants to clarify that the throwing of candy has not been banned.

“Last month, the village of Bethel’s safety committee discussed the issue of candy being thrown at parades,” Dotson said in an email. “The committee discussed it in detail and they were in agreement that candy should be handed out and not thrown. However, this did not follow through to a council meeting.”

Dotson said committees can make recommendations to council members and council can decide whether or not they will vote on the recommendation, but a committee cannot make a decision for the village.

“Even though the committee agreed on the issue, they did not make a recommendation to council, and therefore no decision was made,” Dotson said.