Volunteers needed to help put together new playground

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The new playground that was purchased by Batavia Township will be delivered and ready to be built Oct. 3.

Administrator Rex Parsons said during the Sept. 9 trustee meeting that they are looking for volunteers to help build the playground at the township community center.

“We need about 20-25 volunteers to build it,” Parsons said. “It’s like an erector set.”

Parsons said they had volunteers help build the first playground they have at the community center.

“It works really well,” Parsons said about using volunteers. “It will save the township $10,000-$12,000.”

Parsons said this playground is much bigger than the first playground, so they will need more volunteers.

He said any adult can volunteer because there are a variety of jobs involved in building the playground, including separating the parts and putting together the small pieces.

Parsons said the service department employees will be helping with the build, and have already begun excavating for the new playground.

“We started excavating today,” Ken Embry, service department director, said during the meeting. “Hopefully we’ll see a new playground by the end of October, maybe sooner.”

Parsons said the playground build will take several hours Oct. 3. He said the township will be providing lunch for volunteers and Sweet Frog will be providing frozen yogurt.

Parsons said anyone who is interested in volunteering can contact him at (513) 732-3888.