Miami Township is revamping its website

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Miami Township is getting a new website, according to Administrator Larry Fronk.

Fronk said the township’s existing website went down recently after being hacked. He said since they had to make software changes they decided to also re-vamp the website.

“There have been some upgrades to the software platform, we thought the best thing is to do the upgrade and we are going to re-do the website,” Fronk said.

He said the new website will have a new look and different features.

“It will have a new template and a new look,” Fronk said. “It will be really nice.”

Fronk said one of their employees is in the process of re-building the website. He said he is hoping the new site will be up within 30 days.

In the meantime, Fronk said the web link will take visitors to a page with important township information.

“One of the items we wanted our residents to still get to is action line,” Fronk said.

He said important township phone numbers and other information is also on the page.

To keep up with news and other information in the township, Fronk said residents can visit the township’s facebook page at