Batavia Township considering field upgrades

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees are considering making some upgrades to the baseball fields before the end of the year.

Administrator Rex Parsons brought the idea before trustees during their Sept. 9 meeting.

Parsons said the dirt material that they have used on the fields is creating some problems because it is silty when it gets wet, and it dries hard.

“It’s slippery and sticks to your feet,” Parsons said. “It’s just bad.”

Parsons said it is difficult for teams to play on the fields when the dirt is wet.

Parsons said two years ago they put a conditioner on the field that helped with the problem some, but he said that has worn off already.

“It was just a band-aid,” Parsons said.

Parsons said he has been looking into different materials for the field. He said they would have to replace the old material by taking it off the field, adding the new material and then making sure the field levels are back to normal.

“The best time would be October or late November,” Parsons said about making the improvements.

He said the cost of making the improvements would be between $12,000 and $13,000 per field with a total cost of around $50,000.

Trustee Bill Dowdney asked if that money was in the budget for the year.

Parsons said he thinks that the savings they are looking at making on the new picnic shelter will cover the field improvements.

Trustees asked Parsons to check with the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund, which provided funds for Brian Wilson Field, about whether they could contribute to the improvements on that field.

“I am in favor of upgrading,” Trustee Jim Sauls said.

Sauls said he would like to make sure the fields are in good playing condition, especially because they have such nice facilities for sports teams at the community center.

“I am in favor, I just want to see what the Reds could do,” Trustee Randy Perry said.