Transportation Improvement District unveils new website

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District has rolled out a new website that will include current projects, studies, announcements and other information for residents.

The website can be accessed at

“We’re excited,” Clermont County Engineer Patrick Manger, secretary and treasurer for the TID, said about the website. “We hope to better communicate and articulate what the plan is and what’s going on both right now and in the future.”

Manger said the website is part of the communication plan that the TID is implementing.

The website includes information about all the projects being managed by the TID as well as current construction and road closure information.

Miami Township Administrator Larry Fronk, chair of the TID, said he is impressed and excited about the new website.

“I love the website,” Fronk said. “The end result is way beyond what I had anticipated. Our consultants who put this together did a wonderful job.”

Fronk said the website provides the TID with another avenue to reach out to the public and let them know about what they do.

“It’s an opportunity for them to go to a web page and all of the information is right there at their fingertips,” Fronk said.

He said information about road closures, detours and other projects are available on the website.

Projects the TID currently has under construction in the county include Eastgate North Frontage Road, the reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over state Route 32, Clough Pike widening improvements, improvements to the Interstate 275 and state Route 32 interchange, improvements to US 50, state Route 131, and Milford Parkway, and more.

“Right now the Clermont County TID is more active as far as the number of projects that are on going and the scale,” Fronk said. “This web page is a way to keep people update on those projects and how much longer construction will continue.”

The website also includes information about projects that are in the design process as well as planning studies for projects that could be coming in the future.

Residents can read announcements about TID projects on the website and also give feedback.

The website also has links to social media sites that residents can follow for additional information.

The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District was created in 2006 and includes representatives from different jurisdictions and organizations in the county.

For more information about the TID, or the projects in the area visit