Batavia students have returned to school

Annette Walsh, a third grade teacher, introduces herself to students on the first day of school at Batavia Elementary School.

Annette Walsh, a third grade teacher, introduces herself to students on the first day of school at Batavia Elementary School.
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia students packed their backpacks, met their new teachers and started the school year Aug. 28.

For many elementary school students the first day of school was exciting and even a little intimidating.

“The first day of school we have new teachers and I got three,” Lilly Paul, a second grader, said.

Lilly said she is excited to learn more about science this year.

Zenia Rice, a second grader, said she is a little bit nervous to go back to school.

“I am nervous because I have a new teacher and different people in my new class,” Zenia said.

Zenia said she is excited to participate in gym class this year.

“I am excited because I like to meet new friends,” Anna Naylor, also a second grader, said.

Anna said she thinks second grade will be a little harder than first grade was.

“Second graders probably do more work,” Anna said.

Anna said she is looking forward to learning more about animals this year.

Batavia Elementary School teachers spent the first day getting to know their students and going over procedures in the classroom.

Third grade teacher Annette Walsh introduced herself to students by pulling items that mean something to her out of a sack after reading a poem by Shel Silverstein called “What’s in the sack.”

Another third grade teacher, Elizabeth Garrison, helped her students get their school supplies organized on the first day of school. She also had students introduce themselves at the beginning of class.

At Batavia High School, Principal Jamie Corrill said the first day of school went well.

“It was a pretty smooth day,” Corrill said.

Corrill said it took about 10 years, but they finally got the parking and traffic patterns flowing well.

Corrill said instructionally, not much has changed at the high school this year. He said they added three new teachers, and they changed their technology policies some to prevent unnecessary texting and social media use during school.

Corrill said this is the biggest class of freshmen students they have had in recent years, with 186 students in the class.

Batavia was one of the last schools to start in Clermont County.

Bethel-Tate, Felicity-Franklin, New Richmond and Williamsburg school districts began Aug. 15, Clermont Northeastern School District began Aug. 21, Goshen Local School District began Aug. 22, and Milford and West Clermont school districts began Aug. 26.