Batavia elementary master plan presented

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Local School District continues to move forward with plans for the new elementary school building.

Superintendent Jill Grubb asked Christie Boron, team leader and architect with CR Architect and Design, to present the company’s master plan to board of education members during their Aug. 19 meeting.

Boron brought display boards with diagrams of the interior and exterior of the building to the meeting.

She said the master planning process for the new building is nearing completion, and they hope to be finished with schematic design in October.

“This is the board we plan on putting up in the lobby of the schools this week,” Boron said about the exterior diagram of the elementary school.

Boron showed board members where the new entrance to the elementary school would be on Batavia Road, and discussed the location and positioning of the elementary school on the high school property.

Boron also showed board members a diagram of what the site could look like in the future with additional amenities.

“This is the overall final master plan, including future plans,” Boron said.

Boron said they added a future middle school, additional athletic facilities, a courtyard to connect the buildings, and re-worked parking for the future master plan.

She showed board members the rough interior floor plan for the new elementary school.

“We are close to nailing down the floor plan,” Boron said.

She said they have the building designed so that it is split up into a center core area, where shared facilities and services will be, and two academic wings, where classrooms will be.

Boron said the center core area will include the gym, cafeteria, and a large theater.

“The music room backs up to the stage,” Boron said. “The 2,000 square foot stage can function as a music room during the day.”

Boron cafeteria, library and administrative offices will also be in the center.

Boron said the academic wings on either side of the core will include two levels of classrooms. She said one side will be pre-kindergarten through second grade and the other side will be third, fourth and fifth grade.

She explained some of the safety features and design schemes of the interior of the building, and said they are continuing to work on the details.

“That’s kind of where we sit right now,” Boron said about the interior design. “It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s pretty close.”

She said they are still looking at where they can save some square footage, and will be meeting with the kitchen staff to discuss the kitchen.

“Next week we are kicking off the kitchen and meeting with the kitchen staff,” she said. “We may be able to reduce square footage there.”

Boron said they are completing other requirements on the building project as well.

“We are done with the survey,” Boron said. “The traffic study is going to be wrapped up at the end of the week.”

She said she hopes to present an interior floor plan to staff members at the next board meeting so they can give their feedback.

“Schematic design should be complete by mid October,” Boron said.

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