Developments expanding in Batavia Township

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The housing market is picking up in Batavia Township, and several developers are planning to begin new phases or expand developments.

Batavia Township Trustees heard three zoning cases during their Aug. 5 meeting regarding modifications and expansions, and Zoning Administrator Denise Kelley updated trustees on home sales in the township.

“So far this year we’ve had 62 single family home permits and have issued 22 condo units,” Kelley said. “When compared to last July, we had 32 single family homes and no condo units.”

Kelley said they have basically doubled the single family home permits from last year.

“That is pretty remarkable turnaround,” Kelley said.

Developers that requested zoning amendment approvals during the meeting for expansion projects included developers from Cross Pointe, Woodbury Glen, and Glenwood Trails.

Trustees approved minor changes for the Cross Pointe development so that builders could begin constructing four-unit instead of five-unit town homes in order to add garages to their plans.

For the Woodbury Glen development, trustees gave final development approval.

Kelley said the developers are moving into their third phase of development and soon will be requesting final approval for their fourth phase.

Graham Parlin, a representative from WBG Development, attended the meeting and showed trustees the final development plans.

“The good news is development is picking up,” Parlin said. “A glimpse of recovery is on the way.”

The final case trustees approved was for minor modifications to lot sizes in Glenwood Trails.

“They are running out of existing lots and they are ready to do their next phase,” Kelley said about the development.

Rich Arnold, with MSP Engineering, represented Glenwood Trails at the meeting and requested the minor modification to their plan to widen the lot sizes to accommodate their designer homes.

“The housing market has improved and the product line has also improved,” Arnold said.

He said they are down to seven vacant lots and are hoping to bring on an addition 16 lots this year.

Kelley said the next phase will tie Glenwood Trails into the Forrest Glen neighborhood.

Kelley said she is also waiting on final development plans from a developer planning to build off Laub Road.

Kelley said she is getting more calls from developers asking about zoning issues.

“That’s a good thing too,” Kelly said. “They weren’t doing that the last two years.”

She said she is not seeing as much activity when it comes to commercial growth.