County cutting the number of voting precincts

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The Clermont County Board of Elections is working to eliminate and re-arrange some voting precincts for the upcoming November election, according to Judy Miller, director.

Miller said the county is going from 201 precincts to 167.

“By downsizing this will save tax payers $22,000 per county-wide election,” Miller said.

Miller said other counties have also made similar changes.

“Our county is making our major changes now,” Miller said. “We didn’t think it was good to do it in a presidential year.”

Miller said the maximum voters for each precinct is 1,400 according to the Ohio Revised Code. She said they are merging precincts or splitting them up to try to keep the numbers of voters per precinct around 1,000.

She said several precincts in Batavia, Milford, and Union Township had around 800 or less voters per precinct.

“We merged a lot of the smaller precincts,” Miller said.

Miller said they also split some precincts.

She said even with changes to the precincts, most all of the polling locations will stay the same.

“We’re merging tables not really changing locations,” Miller said. “The majority will be at the same polling location.”

Miller said they will be sending notifications to anyone who has had a change in precinct or a change in polling location.

“We are in the process of putting it together right now,” Miller said.

Miller said they hope to notify residents at the end of September, and they can look for a bright, lime green card from the Clermont County Board of Elections in the mail if anything has changed.

She said they will also be updating the precinct list on the website soon.

For more information visit, or call (513) 732-7275.