Amelia drafting service agreement

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Amelia Village Council members approved a resolution to draft a service agreement between the village and Pierce Township during their July 30 meeting.

According to Amelia Mayor Todd Hart, the agreement will specify the details of police, fire and emergency services for the Kroger development, which is located in both the village and the township.

Hart said approximately 52.3 percent of the Kroger property is in Pierce Township with the other 47.7 percent in the village, however, he said the majority of the developed land, including the other retailers will be in the village.

“The overall project has six more retailers, which are in the village,” Hart said. “The overall development itself, probably 80 percent is in the village, which we would service anyway.”

Pierce Township Administrator David Elmer said they have received notification that the village is drafting an agreement. He said township officials will review the agreement and decide how to proceed once they receive an agreement from the village solicitor.

“With regard to police services, Amelia has passed a resolution that has authorized their solicitor to draft an agreement for the provision of police, fire and EMS services,” Elmer said. “We have not yet received that agreement.”

Elmer said that back in March, Pierce Township trustees did approve a resolution permitting the village of Amelia to move forward with creating a fire services agreement.

The village of Amelia currently contracts with the Union Township Fire Department for fire services in the area.

He said with regard to police services, they will consider the pros and cons once they receive the agreement.

“Regardless of whether Amelia and Pierce reach an agreement or not, the Kroger development will still receive police and fire protection,” Elmer said. “And that protection will most likely be both communities working together through mutual aid.”

Hart said they want to eliminate any confusion about police, fire and emergency services when it comes to services before the store opens in August.

“We don’t want any confusion,” Hart said about services. “By keeping it centrally located we want to make it the most efficient, safest way.”

Hart said the village will not be gaining anything financially if they provide the services.

“This is all about protecting the citizens throughout both communities,” Hart said. “We are trying to work very much cooperatively to make this happen.”

Kroger has announced that the store will open Aug. 15. The project has been several years in the making and both the village of Amelia and Pierce Township have been involved in the project.

“Pierce Township looks forward to celebrating the opening,” Elmer said. “We’re very happy to have Kroger, a well-recognized and respected grocer, in our community, and I’m confident Amelia feels the same way.”