New Richmond Police to get canine unit

Staff report

The New Richmond Police Department will be getting a canine thanks to donations from individuals and organizations.

According to a release from New Richmond Mayor Ramona Carr, it is difficult for small departments such as New Richmond to afford a canine unit, which can cost upwards of $10,000.

“The purchase and training of the canine alone is $10,000,” Carr said in the release. “Beyond that there are the added cost of boarding, veterinary care, cruiser setup to transport the dog and other incidentals.”

Carr said the New Richmond Police Department was approached by an unnamed individual willing to purchase the canine at a cost of $5,000.

“The in-kind commitment from the department would be an additional $8,000 for the training of the canine, other associated cost, and retrofitting a dedicated vehicle for the dog,” Carr said.

Carr said the New Richmond Police Department campaigned to raise the money for the canine.

She said The Haverkamp Foundation, named after canine officer Matt Haverkamp who was killed in the line of duty, as well as the Cincinnati East Rotary Club, contributed to the fund-raising efforts.

“Most rewarding was the business district and citizens of New Richmond that supported the fund-raising efforts with an overwhelming response,” Carr said.

Carr said in just five weeks the $8,000 had been raised for the canine costs.

“We appreciate the citizens and businesses of New Richmond for supporting our efforts and giving us the tools we need to better serve the community,” Carr said.

She said officer Craig Heintzelman with the New Richmond Police Department was appointed to be the handler of the canine.

“He also acquired all the necessary equipment for the patrol car and installed it himself at no cost to the village and arranged veterinarian care at no cost as well,” Carr said.

She said the canine will be a full service dog, but emphasis will be placed on drug interdiction.

According to the release, Heintzelman will travel to northern Ohio in September to train with the dog for six weeks.