Goshen school to be demolished

By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

The Goshen school district has recently entered into a contract for $226,000 with the O’Rourke Wrecking Company to demolish the Shiela Green school building at 6785 Goshen Road. The decision came during the July 15 regular board meeting.

The building has been vacant since 2002. Edwards said the roof of the gymnasium is falling and the roof of the main building has large holes.

“The conditions have become too unsafe,” said superintendent Darrell Edwards. “We put a fence around the building and boarded it up, but it just needs to come down.”

A public hearing was held July 8 to discuss ways to memorialize the building.

“Even though we can’t preserve the building, we can preserve the memories,” Edwards said.

One suggestion was to build a commemoration structure on the current campus out of the bricks of the old building.

Another idea being considered is to offer pieces of the building for sale to raise money for a scholarship.

Erwin Walker of the Goshen Park Commission was present at the meeting to ask that the school’s water fountain be donated to the Stagge-Marr Community Park.

The board members liked the idea, as it would be something the community will be able to see regularly.

“The Park Commission needs to do some repairs to the fountain before it can be used, but we’re happy to see it going there,” Edwards said.

The demolition is tentatively scheduled for August 26 and is expected to take about a month to complete.

The school board is open to ideas from the public on ways to memorialize the Shiela Green school building.