Williamsburg Police Department uses grant for two new radios

Williamsburg Police Chief Michael Gregory with the two new Motorola 6000 radios.
By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

The Williamsburg Police Department was awarded a grant in the amount of $7,892.40 through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act JAG Special Solicitation. The grant was awarded for the purpose of purchasing two new Motorola 6000 radios and their related equipment. This includes chargers, microphones, and antennas.

“Our old radios were purchased in the late ‘90s,” said Police Chief Michael Gregory. He said with the constant changes in technology, the old radio systems will eventually become obsolete.

Other villages in Clermont County are facing the same issue. New Richmond Police Chief Randy Harvey said their department must replace its radios within the next two years.

“With the newer technology, these radios have better reception and longer battery life,” said Gregory.

Gregory said the new radios will improve the communication of the police department and help its officers to improve their service to the Williamsburg community.