Batavia trustees shopping for a new dumptruck

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees gave Ken Embry, director of the service department, the go ahead to continue searching for a new dump truck for the township during their July 8 meeting.

Embry said they have been discussing the purchase of a new single axle dumptruck for snow removal and other uses in the township, and he said he has been researching trucks for trustees.

He said he has looked into prices for Peterbilt, International and Freightliner brands.

“I would like the board to consider the International,” Embry said. “The numbers are real close, the International is on the state bid.”

Embry said the International came in at $83,000 with a heated windshield and aluminum air tanks. He said the truck along with other equipment would cost approximately $130,000.

He said right now, he feels it is the best option for the money.

“The Freightliner came in at 280 versus 300 horse power,” Embry said.

Embry said he had trouble getting a final price from Peterbilt. He said the last price he received from the dealership he is working with was $79,000.

He said the benefit to the Peterbilt is that it has an aluminum cab.

Trustee Jim Sauls said he would like to see a final price from Peterbilt because he thinks they are good trucks. He said the International is also a good option.

Administrator Rex Parsons said the biggest problem they have had with trucks in the past is that they rust.

“That’s why we are looking at the stainless steel bed,” Parsons said.

Embry said he will bring more information to trustees at their August 5 meeting.