Vilardo resigns from Milford City Council

By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

Council member Ralph Vilardo announced his resignation from Milford city council during the July 2 meeting. His resignation will take effect August 1.

“When I first got on council six years ago, I did so to be able to serve the citizens of Milford to the best of my ability,” Vilardo said. “Over the last year, I have increased my professional workload to the point where I unfortunately do not have what I feel is the required time it takes to be a well-informed council member.”

“I’m very proud to have seen the hiring of our new city manager, our homegrown police chief, and our finance director…” Vilardo said. “I truly believe that this city is much better off than when I first got on council. I want to thank my family… who have all been very supportive.”

Several of the council members had kind words to say to Vilardo following his announcement.

“I think you have had a huge impact on this city and I certainly have enjoyed working with you,” said Mayor Geoff Pittman.

“I’ll be very sad not to have you sitting next to me,” said vice-mayor Laurie Howland. “I’ve been a big fan of yours… I want to thank you for your friendship on council and for everything you have given this city.”

City manager Jeff Wright said Vilardo was “instrumental” in some of the hiring positions for the city, as well as helping Milford to be more competitive in job creation among other accomplishments.

“I know more than anybody how long [Vilardo] has struggled with this decision to do this and if the man only had ten more hours in the day, I’m sure he could pull this off,” said council member Amy Brewer. “I know what a horrible, heart wrenching decision this must be today and I respect your decision to do this. We are all better because of you.”

Council has 30 days after Vilardo’s resignation is effective to fill his seat. Those interested in a seat on city council are invited to send a letter of intent to the city manager’s office by July 30. A new council member will be chosen during the August 20 city council meeting.