Physical fitness award given to Milford police officer

By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

Officer Adam Yeary was presented with a Physical Fitness Award by Milford Police Chief Jamey Mills during the July 2 regular council meeting.

“It’s my pleasure tonight to present a new award I just came up with,” Mills said. “I really enjoy recognizing the fine work of my staff.”

The Milford police department implemented a new physical fitness policy this year. Officers are required to run a course for an annual physical fitness test. They must complete the course in under 58 seconds, though the average time was only 38 seconds.

The fitness award goes to any officer that can complete the course in under 30 seconds. Yeary was the only officer to do so, completing the course in under 28 seconds.

Mills also praised Yeary for his healthy eating habits and his overall commitment to fitness.

“I’m very impressed with his commitment,” Mills said. “It’s not like this just came easy to him. He’s really been training hard.”

Yeary was presented with a custom-made medal to be worn on his uniform. In order to continue wearing the medal, Yeary, along with any other officer who wins the award, must continue to run the annual fitness course in under 30 seconds.

The award also came with a certificate that commends Yeary for his exceptional performance on the 2013 physical fitness test.