My Pro Day gives players big-league workout

By Chris Chaney
Sun staff

Have you ever wondered how to get yourself noticed by the top baseball travel teams, college coaches and professional scouts around the country? My Pro Day is your ticket to the next level and they will hold their first ever My Pro Day experience in Clermont County on Aug. 6 at Milford High School.

My Pro Day is a tryout/combine-style event in which players from around the area, from ages 6-18, are able to show off their skills while also drawing attention to themselves previously that was unavailable.

My Pro Day is a unique and groundbreaking model that puts on these tryouts across the country in 31 states. The business model begins with the registration on the company’s website by choosing the local My Pro Day location that is most convenient for your family and player.

At the My Pro Day, there is a major league-style evaluation of each attendee that is recorded by various coaches working the clinic and recording the different statistics that will become part of each play’s profile. Players will go through a series of drills during the three-hour event that test arm strength, fielding skills, pitching speed and accuracy, catcher pop times, hitting and bunting ability, speed, agility, athleticism and more.

While each drill allows the player to see tangible results as well as getting in a good offseason workout, they also are able to see how they stack up against players from around the country and world who participate in other My Pro Days around the United States.

A unique aspect of the My Pro Day experience is that the online profile that each player receives upon registration. The company bills this feature as “Facebook for baseball players.”

Following a workout, each player is assigned a unique identification number, protecting the privacy of each athlete if desired. The player can then go online and build their own profile showcasing their times and speeds for coaches around the country to see as well as see how they stack up with their age competition.

The My Pro Day profile can be used as a recruiting tool for whatever next level each player aspires to reach. For example, knothole players can use the experience to float interest to travel ball teams or high school coaches, while current high school players can use the workout as a barometer for college success.

As each profile is personally handled, a time or speed that the player is not necessarily proud of, they can hide it from view so that coaches cannot see them. They can also retest in that area and upload their new time or speed to the profile following another workout.

The profile also allows the player to update highlights from recent games or workouts, very similar to a Facebook status update.

Much of the My Pro Day workout is age driven, meaning that little leaguers will be tested at their level (60-feet from base to base) as opposed to having to perform above their comfort level. As the years go by, players can update their profiles and see how they have progressed, both in comparison to themselves as well as others in their age group around the nation.

The Aug. 6 Milford camp is one of four in the Cincinnati area this summer. Others include My Pro Days at TCYO Farwick Fields in Miamitown (July 30), Oak Hills High School (July 31) and Lakota East High School (August 7).

The price for this first year enterprise is $49, about half of what the company charges for it’s national rate. For more information on each of the My Pro Days as well as the company itself, visit their website at