New Richmond Police to sponsor recruit

By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

New Richmond council voted to approve the sponsorship of a 19-year-old by the police department during the June 11 regular council meeting.

Police Chief Randy Harvey made the request of council to sponsor William Dye.

“Currently his situation is that he could not be accepted into the academy because of his age,” Chief Harvey said. “He would complete the academy before he would be eligible to be a police officer.”

According to Harvey, Dye has wanted to be a police officer since he was a child. His father also served as an officer.

Harvey said Dye is trying to get a jumpstart on his career, but the only way he can begin at such a young age is by an appointment from a police department. At the age of 19, Dye is able to go through the academy but only through a sponsorship.

“This would be an auxiliary position, however, he would not be commissioned,” Harvey said. “He would be appointed to the New Richmond police department, but he would not be commissioned.”

Upon completing the Academy and receiving state certification, Dye would be sworn in as a fully commissioned officer for the village of New Richmond.

“I could use him around here administratively,” Harvey said. “He would be eligible to ride with my officers, and I would give him some administrative duties around the police department, but he would not be carrying a badge or be in uniform or anything of that nature.”

This experience while in the Academy would familiarize Dye with the procedures and policies of the New Richmond Police Department before he is officially sworn in.

A motion was made by council to appoint Dye to the New Richmond Police Department, thus allowing him to be sponsored for the Academy. The motion passed 5-1.